Getting Face to Face

image courtesy of Women's Post

Is your company likeable? Do your clients value your employees? Are you an approachable, personable business?

People buy from people they like, even when purchasing weighty products like computer security systems, insurance or when selecting a doctor. Your product or service has to be good, but let’s be honest, everyone has a competitor who offers a similar or possibly better product.  Likeability is what sets you apart. This is why large companies enter into sponsorship deals with sports teams: to increase likeability with customers.

I was at an event recently where Rob Herjavec (of Dragon’s Den & Shark Tank fame) was speaking. As a successful owner of a computer security business, he asked his customers why they do business with his company.  He was shocked to hear them say “you are fun to deal with, we like your people”.”

Read more of Grail’s article on Women’s Post.

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