Some of the Worst Corporate Holiday Gifts Ever Recorded

The Holidays are fast approaching, and we are all so curious how the workplace will deal with the holiday gifting this year.

Below is a list of some of the absolute worst corporate holiday gifts ever recorded since the internet was born. We at Yellow House are proud to say we’ve always been givers (and receivers!) of fabulous, creative gifts. Sadly, the people below don’t experience corporate gifting the way we do!

Enjoy! (Courtesy of


  1. A single candy cane
  2. A plant covered in poison ivy and ants.
  3. Corporate logo toilet paper holders
  4. Fruit baskets full of rotten food
  5. A single Bic pen
  6. A plastic rock that says “You Rock”
  7. A ham to a vegetarian
  8. Wooden hair brushes to bald male employees
  9. A kitchen soap dish dressed in a homemade apron
  10. A broom
  11. Dental floss
  12. A toilet seat
  13. One slipper
  14. A used spatula
  15. A doorknob
  16. Legos (for a 34 year old adult)
  17. A bag of cotton balls
  18. A turquoise mankini (Note: The recipient was 60 years old and weighed 250 pounds)
  19. A copy of Thyroids for Dummies
  20. An airhorn
  21. Hotel shampoo and conditioner sets
  22. An expired smoked duck
  23. A corkscrew leftover from an old sales promotion
  24. A no-longer-live grenade, to be used as a paper weight, and
  25. Poo-pourri – air freshener spray.

One thought on “Some of the Worst Corporate Holiday Gifts Ever Recorded

  1. Karen Ingham

    Your website is hilarious. Although I do have to say that Lego to a 34-year-old man cannot possibly be on the worst gifts list! Since my husband wants to be a lego master builder, and my son wants to work at Lego when he grows up, pleeease rethink that item. I do agree with the rest however. : )

    Karen Ingham
    Giraffe Graphics Inc.


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