Mercedes Throws a Party to Promote the New B-Class

A B-Class on stage at Sound Academy, Toronto

Two of us Yellow House employees had the chance to attend the free concert thrown by Mercedes Benz last night at Toronto’s Sound Academy. With an e-vite that said “featuring a FREE CONCERT by Dirty Vegas and Chromeo”, how could we resist? Good music, hot venue, sexy cars- like, SOLD!

The party was a good one- well decorated, plenty of promo models wearing pretty smiles and lots of free candy at the candy table for everyone. The party had a graffiti theme, splashes of paint everywhere, colourful seating and even more colourful stage graphics. We took full advantage of the photo booth and graffiti wall- slapping our names on there with their supplied bright paint markers. The decor was heavy on the paint splashes, tin paint cans and vintage frames. Laser beams, light shows and a Benz-shaped disco ball adorned the ceiling. Mercedes did a wonderful job of showcasing the B-class as “yuppy” oriented- the theme, although very bright and colourful, did not seem childish. It was successfully stylish.

Shout out to Mercedes Benz for putting on such a great concert featuring bigwigs like Chromeo and Dirty Vegas! The night was live- the crowd was clearly loving the music. Thanks for putting on a great event at an awesome venue! You made our Hump Day worthwhile. (Photos below!)

written by @stephaniecasino for @yellowhouseTO (follow her on twitter, she’s funny sometimes.)

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