Top 2013 Holiday Destinations

Destinations to watch in 2013

Where are the travellers-in-the-know heading in the coming year? We predict the top 10 hottest new travel destinations for 2013.

By Laura Fowler

Any travel junkie will tell you that there is nothing quite like the buzz of being first to discover a wonderful part of the world. That could be an entire country, a hard-to-reach region, or a best-kept-secret neighbourhood of a city before it hits the mainstream and the developers move in. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing it right, when there’s enough going on to make a place exciting, and before it becomes tired and over-developed.

Last year we predicted Burma would be a top destination and, indeed, its ethereal landscapes and magical sights have proved so popular that responsible-travel tours have all but sold out for 2013 already.

Also on our hot list for 2012 was Sri Lanka, whose east coast is beginning to welcome back holidaymakers after lying unvisited for decades during the political trouble, and British Airways is upping its London-Colombo flights to three a week to cope with demand, keeping at the top of our wishlist for another year. And Colombia, Vietnam, and the Poles have all become popular with adventurous travellers wanting to explore these beautiful destinations before they become touristy and overdeveloped.

So where next? Here are the top 10 hot destinations – in no particular order – that we think will be big news for travellers in 2013…

(read the full article here, courtesy of Code Nast Traveller online.)

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