Customization is King. By Jenn Cole.


Here at YellowHouse, we’re always looking for ways to stir things up. When events are your specialty, it’s important stay ahead of the curve on trends & creativity, and that’s equally true for our marketing strategies. So we often find ourselves applying the same tactics we use to make our events successful to our marketing efforts, building our own brand.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our most successful events, it’s that customization can be your best friend when it comes to making a lasting impression. With that in mind we decided to spice up one of our favourite holidays with a fun take on a Halloween classic: Reverse Trick or Treat!

Fact: Everyone loves candy. It’s science. In order to take that truth to the next level, we asked ourselves what could possibly be better than an evening of soliciting your neighbours and friends for free treats? We could think of only one thing: what if your favourite candy came straight to you?

To make it happen, we created a spooky webpage that allowed our friends & clients to tell us their favourite candy and their location. Then we sent the link free on our social media channels and watched the answers roll in.

Not only did we get a ton of responses, but we learned about candy we’d never heard of. From Candy Corn Oreos to Sour Patch Kids, we created a shopping list that would make anyone with a sweet tooth cry with delight. After spending the day scouring the city for these custom candy requests, we put together dozens of Halloween baskets, created a delivery route and set out in teams to spread the ghoulish cheer, in full costume of course.

The overwhelmingly positive response we got was proof that yes, everyone loves candy, but more importantly, that customization is king when it comes to making a lasting impression.

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