Maria’s Musings …

Monthly thoughts, inspirations and musings from our Creative Lead, Maria Mendoza.

This month I wanted to do something really different – abstraction. I’ve never been comfortable with the abstract. As you may have noticed from my previous musings, I love realism. I love showing every little detail and spending as much time as I can making it as realistic as possible.

I also love dancing — however bad at it I may be, and wanted to create something to show the joy I get from dance. But dance isn’t always about perfection. Sure, certain types of dance provide an opportunity to show how skilled at a specific style you can be (ballet, ballroom dancing), but there’s an emotion in the freestyle dances (like contemporary) that I’ve always been more drawn towards. There’s a lot of skill and control in it, but yet almost no rules so you are able to see just how vulnerable the dancers get.

I wanted to mimic this inspiration, and the medium that allowed me to best capture it was watercolour paint. Using that, and a little bit of digital editing I felt I created movement in this month’s piece.

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