Top 5 reasons we want Santa as our BFF. By Jenn Cole.

handsome santa

We’ve all heard the stories about that jolly man dressed in red who flies through the night sky delivering toys to all the boys and girls.  Well, here at YellowHouse we think he’s more than just a kind-hearted philanthropist.  We think he is the ultimate companion and we are obsessed with making him our BFF.  Why you ask?  It’s gotta be be-Claus of the five undeniable reasons listed below.


Nobody has a bigger sweet tooth than our gang in the House … no one except maybe Old St. Nick!   His inexplicable ability to garner platefuls of cookies from children the world over without ever having to ask is a skill that keeps us in a serious state of awe.  Not only does he love himself a good cookie, he packs them back in quantities that would make Mr. Christie swoon.

If we could figure out a way to metabolize a dozen (trillion) cookies in one night, we would.  Until then, jolly man, we salute you!


Who wouldn’t want a workshop full of talented worker-elves?  Remember that fence you’ve always wanted to put up? That dress you’ve been meaning to mend … and let’s not even talk about the IKEA furniture!  With his round-the-clock access to a skilled labour force (always outfitted in felt suits and pompom hats), Mr. Claus is never left scratching his head at the instruction manual.


Always one to stay ahead of the curve, Santa was rockin’ that big old beard before it was in vogue.  We like to think of him as the original cool hunter, teaching hipsters and Harley riders alike how it’s done.


In our line of work, we know that it’s your attendees that can make or break the vibe of your gala dinner, fundraiser or holiday party.  Who else but Father Christmas has access to the one-and-only ‘naughty or nice’ list?  His insider knowledge of who’s who and what they’ve been up to gives him some serious street cred.  As event producers, we’d love to get our hands on that list!


With 8 reindeer pulling his sleigh, Santa does round-the-world travel in style.  No fancy rims or performance camshafts are needed on his souped-up carriage.  Pere Noel has no need for high-tech gadgets as his ride comes fully equipped with intuitive navigation and tops out at speeds that will take you around the globe in a single night.  Take that, McLaren.

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