Christmas in review … our top 5 holiday activities

xmas roundup

As always on our first day back to work, we’ve spent the better half of the morning recapping our various holidays, showing off tans, sampling the last of the holiday baskets and catching up on all the highlights of the last few weeks.

This year, from Egypt to Mexico, skiing to shopping, we’ve spanned a pretty impressive range of holiday activities. Just one morning of swapping stories, and we’re each ready for next Christmas with a whole new range of vacation possibilities.

Here are our top 5 favourite holiday activities from this past season …

1. Golf-cart racing in Isla Nujeres
2. Christmas movie-marathons with siblings
Christmas movies are always fun, even the ninth time you’ve seen them, but there’s
3. Cocktail-cruising in the Bahamas
4. Family cookie contests
5. Classic Christmas ski-trips, followed by the requisite fireside warm ups.

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