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YHE x Bumble Bizz ‘One Connection’ Event


Yellow House Events partnered with Bumble, a popular location-based social and dating app, to host a Toronto #OneConnection event for the new  Bumble Bizz. app function on November 21st, 2017.

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MUCHO Gusto 101


What could be better than celebrating the launch of a new catering line at one of Toronto’s top Italian restaurants? Adding an open bar of course! Our very own Tatiana spent an evening at Toronto’s Gusto101 (on Portland North of King) celebrating the launch of “Gusto 54 Catering”.

Guests were invited up to their West-facing patio, which has a retractable glass roof. That’s right, the roof is made of GLASS. No need to close the patio for rain here and you are always under the stars.

The industrial looking space is an abandoned auto body shop-cum-Italian Trattoria (that Goodyear sign is an original), as if their cool factor could get any better. With exposed brick and designer lighting fixtures throughout, this place has definitely mastered the laid back, yet hip Toronto vibe.

Now, looks aside, what about the food? The menu is fun and inventive, from the kale salad served in seaweed cones to the Margherita pizza made right before your eyes. While cheeky hors d’oeuvres are always welcome, for a spicy Italian girl like Tatiana, the real measure of food is pasta. She was given two options (and of course sampled both) – gnocchi or a mushroom Mafaldi, which were each handmade. How were they you ask? Let’s just say she tried them both … twice!

Up for dessert? Little ice cream cones were passed around and guests were invited to check out the incredible – and oh-so Italian – Bombolone tower, which for you non-Italians, is a stuffed donut.

All in all, it was a great night with great people in a great space. We’re so excited to welcome this new caterer and event venue into the chic Toronto catering ring – we have a feeling they’ll come out swinging.

A Peek at Our “A-List”

When asked to produce an event, one of our very first tasks is to find the perfect venue. We’re constantly adding to our expansive bank of great spaces across North America, but narrowing it down to two or three that meet all the criteria of a specific event can be quite a task.

Over the years, we’ve developed an “A-List” of go-to venues that are fun, flexible and can fit a range of events from cocktail parties to product launches and everything in between. Because of the variety of our clients, our database of venues is an ever-changing blend of new, modern spaces and old-school favourites, but even as trends change and venues come and go, there are a few spaces across Toronto that stay at the top of our list. Here are our three favourites.

1.   The Loft at Andrew Richard Designs


For a sleek, raw, minimalist space, one of our top choices is the “Loft” at Andrew Richard Designs. Centrally located at Adelaide and Parliament, it provides a convenient alternative to the downtown core. The space is open-concept and all white, providing a blank canvas for a custom menu of lighting, décor and set-up options. From modern galas or tech launches to cocktail parties, the Loft at ARD can accommodate anywhere up to 500 guests. Ask for Jacquelyn and you’ll be well taken care of!

2.   Arcadian Court


For a more plug & play option perfect for corporate events, we love working at Arcadian Court.  Right in the heart of Toronto, it provides easy access for the Bay Street crowd, TTC commuters and, attached to the Eaton Centre, offers an easy landmark for those not familiar with the downtown core.  With a sizable ballroom, intimate open cooking facility and a large area customizable with mobile air walls, Arcadian Court can accommodate groups from 30 – 600. As an added bonus, this is an Oliver and Bonacini venue, so you know the eats will be top notch.

3.   Burroughes Building


Since our first site-visit at Burroughes Building, we were in love. If a client is looking for a funky, brick & beam space, Burroughes is reliably at the top of our list. Sitting atop a cool Queen West furniture store, Burroughes is amazing in all its exposed brick, creaky floor and loft-like glory. It has great flow between its two adjoining rooms and tons of space for a bar, food stations, lounge seating and a wide range of activations, like photo booths or live murals. They even allow you to bring in any caterer you like!

There are always new venues popping up across town, and we love checking out new spaces. If you’ve seen a venue that rocked your socks, get in touch and let us know.


Smaller is Better Too.


In Toronto, size matters.  In the last few years, Torontonians have watched new hot spot  after new hot spot pop up in every corner of the city … and we couldn’t be happier!  From ethnically specialized restos to sandwich shops to wing and pizza joints, we’ve noticed one trend that spans the gamut.

When it comes to downtown dining, small restaurants rule the roost.  All you have to do is take a walk along Queen West or the uber-trendy Ossington strip and you’ll pass a million and one fresh-faced 30 seater(ish) spaces.  Here are some of our fave places to warm up and dig into delicious eats this winter.

When the freezing temperatures put you in the mood for a hot burger, there are tons of options regardless of the area you’re in. In every neighbourhood, you can have your choice between fast food chains like Hero Burger, sit-down options like Utopia or the fanciest of all burgers, the gastro pub version (check out Bymark’s $35 offering).  These will all satisfy your cravings, but it’s the new guys in town like Gangster Burger and P&L Burger that are truly buzzworthy.  Brimming with people waiting to snag one of their 20 in-house seats,  these tiny Queen Street shops are proving that quality trumps quantity every time.

If it’s soup you crave, head in to one of the many teeny, tiny top Ramen or Pho restaurants taking over Toronto.  There’s no doubt that when it comes to Ramen, Kinton Ramen is king.  With four locations throughout the downtown core, you’re never far from a “Kinton Bowler.”  If Pho is more your speed, then travel west to Ossington Street  and check out Pho Tien Thanh  … but be prepared to stand in line for a spot at one of their few family-style tables.  Trust us, it’s worth the wait!

For those of you who prefer a food and beverage combo to warm you up, head on over to Rock Lobster (which now has 3 locations) for one of Chef Matt Petit’s signature lobster Bloody Caesars.  Our favourite way to eat lunch – in a cocktail!

No matter what your go-to comfort is this season, there’s one thing we can be sure of.  Good eats come in small restos!  

Top 5 … ways to make your space more creative


Sometimes we laugh a little bit when a client suggests meeting at our place – for a meeting we’re not even a part of. We can see why. It’s easy to fall in love with our office, which is why we’ve even started renting it out as a venue for our friends and clients. We put a lot of thought into how to make our Creative Space as inspiring as it can be. This is our space for late night planning, blue-sky brainstorming and coming up with concepts that are out-of-the proverbial box.

When putting together our plan to build the perfect Creative Space, we came up with our Top 5 Solutions to make it the perfect space.

1.  Make it cozy. IMG_20140317_115835

There’s nothing that makes you want to leave a meeting faster than uncomfortable seating. When designing our Creative Space, we went more for a living room style vibe, which lets us sink in and get comfy for the long haul. Faux-fur beanbag chairs and cozy couches let us stretch out during long days (and longer nights).

2. Space for mistakes. And for genius!

We used almost every wall available as an option to write, scribble, play and erase. One giant blackboard and another huge white board fill the walls in our space, making it easy to jot down ideas and grow them from there. When every inch matters, it can feel restrictive or confining. When you’ve got a big, blank canvas, you’re more likely to feel a creative licence, which is when magic happens!

3. Natural light. 

One word: fluorescents. Two words: no thanks. When we can, we strive to have as much natural light as possible, which gives us not only a link with the outside world but also an opportunity for fresh air and soft natural lighting. There are heaps of studies that show the benefit of natural lighting, so our wall of windows gives us the extra perk we need when we’re stuck inside during crunch time.

4. A Family Table.  IMG_20141014_122222

When it comes to big ideas, the more brains, the better. If we have big decisions to make or challenges to sort through, we’ll engage our whole team to tackle the issue. So having a surface that the whole family can fit around was crucial when designing our space. Tucked in a boardroom for maximum privacy if needed, our table happens to be handmade by our very own Paul Noble, making it even more awesome.

5. The Right Tech. 

As much as we love our chalkboard and dry erase markers, we love our tech gadgets even more. We produce events all over the world and deal with globe-trotting clients every day, so staying connected is at the top of our priority list when it comes to making a meeting space work. We use things like Google Hangouts on Smart TVs to make sure everyone stays up-to-speed no matter where they are. And wifi. Lots and lots of wifi.

Want to come check us out? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to give you a tour. Or, just come hang out. Did we mention we have faux fur bean bag chairs? Enough said.