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Top Ten Summer Music Festival Survival Guide

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Kurt and Anj are both the in-house avid festival goers. Compiling their years of experiences, they’ve made a list of their Top Ten Summer Music Festival tips. Read below on their survival guide!

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Real Canadian Food for your Canada 150 Celebrations

As organizations and brands prepare to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, an important part of these celebrations (and often what your guests are left talking about afterwards) is the food.  

The YellowHouse team has been busy searching for inspiration on not only beautiful, but meaningful, and real Canadian food to entertain and delight guests at these important occasions.

Read below our Account Director, Sara Gundy interview with Chef De Cuisine, Andrea Callan

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Holiday Gift Guide – For the male in your life

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? The team at YellowHouse Events have compiled a list we recommend for your friend, family, co-worker, and this post in particular… for the male in your life!male

  1. Samsung VR 2. Daniel Wellington Oxford NATO Strapless Stainless Steel Watch 3.Mill Street Brewery Winter Sampler 4. Herschel Supply Novel Duffle 5. Peace Collective Blue Jays Collection Home is Toronto Crewneck  6. North Beard Oil + Lotion + Brush set


Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays from YellowHouse Events!

#YHELifeHack #3 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You love your mom right? But you just haven’t had time to plan for Mother’s Day on Sunday [yes, it’s this Sunday, May 8th]! At YellowHouse, we make life easier for our clients, so for this week’s #YHELifeHack we have compiled a list of our best, last minute Mother’s Day gifts to help you plan a special day for the amazing woman responsible for well … your existence. You’re welcome.

  1.  For the hard-working mom


Is your mom too busy to schedule an appointment to a spa? Why not bring the spa to her? Mobile Massage will bring registered massage therapists to your doorstep when it suits her. This way you give her the gift card on Sunday and she can enjoy her gift on a day she chooses.

  1. For the busy mom


Some moms love to cook, but don’t have time to shop and plan the meals as well. Meet Chef’s Plate, who will deliver fresh, portioned ingredients and curated recipes right to your door. No shopping, just simple, gourmet cooking…with a glass of wine in one hand. Better still, you could cook the meal for her while she sips the wine and really make her proud.

  1. For the hard-to-impress mom

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Do you have a hip mom who changes her style so often you can’t keep up? Why not hire a personal shopper at her favourite store?  She’ll be impressed by your gesture and her fashion game will stay on point. Or on fleek. [If she is really hip, she will know what that means.]

Personal Stylist

  1. Need a gift on a budget?

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No money, no worries. Mom still loves you!

Take your mom out for a budget friendly picnic at one of many scenic spots in your city. Find out where the cherry blossoms are in bloom or pick a lakeside picnic table or, if you really want to tug at mom’s heart strings, go to a park she used to take you to as a kid. Hit up the dollar store for some colourful plates and an inexpensive blanket and even if it’s just PB&J sammies, you will be her favorite kid! Trust us.


5.) Need more gift ideas stat? Yes, there’s an app for that!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.25.05 PMTry the Giftagram app (download for free on any IOS or android device). The app curates best in class products from local and international retailers. Whether you select locally made donut-macarons, a unique flower arrangement, or a gift card to mom’s favourite hot spot, Giftagram has you covered. So, while you are at the game tonight, or on a patio enjoying happy hour, you can select and ship mom’s gift right to her door. Win-win.

Giftagram app



Who Let the Dogs In?

The benefits of bringing (well-mannered) dogs to work are not far-fetched. [sic]. YellowHouse is in good company with a pet friendly office policy. Leading companies like Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s and our client, Google are all known for their pooch-loving workplaces.

If you’re not a dog person we know what you’re thinking. But bear with us, there are actually some pretty compelling reasons to bridge the canine-human gap in the workplace (and no, it’s not just because there is a dog sitting beside me as I write this at my desk). Just to prove it, here are our top 5, (somewhat) science-based reasons why we love our dog-friendly office.

1) Improved work-life balance.

It’s been said once or twice that dog people are a tad bit ‘fanatical’. Okay, let’s admit it, dog people absolutely LOVE dogs. We want to shower them with affection and give them the best life possible, which can be difficult in the demanding industries that many of us thrive in. BUT when you can rock a project while spending time with your pooch, that’s a win-win. Increased time at work to meet a deadline isn’t so bad when you have one of the best parts of your personal life at your side.

2) Closer relationships between the humans.

Coworkers are more likely to stop by one another’s desks and even strike up conversations when there is an adorable reason to spend some time. When coworkers are friendly and communicative, they are likely to be more collaborative.

3) Stress Relief.

This one is actually two-fold. It has been proven that employees who leave their dogs at home experience higher stress levels throughout the day than their pooch bearing counterparts. They worry about the pet’s well-being and all of the pet-related tasks that await their return home. Non-dog owning employees tend to take short breaks to play with the dog or walk it. These breaks from the computer screen, however short, can provide the perfect opportunity to recharge and reinvent.

4) Increased Productivity.

Beyond reasons like not having to rush home to walk the dog and not having to experience stress from being away from your pet after a long day, there is one simple guiding principle behind this one; a happy employee is a productive employee. Cute, furry faces make people happy, it’s just that simple.

5) All that love tho.

The last and perhaps the best reason to opt for a dog-friendly environment is that dogs are (generally) an endless source of love and affection. Our office mascot, in particular, has an endless amount of love to give. Dogs spin around, wag their tails, give kisses and curl up at your feet. With all that love coming your way, it’s hard to avoid walking around with a big smile on your face in the workplace.